Is likely to do
Is willing  to do
to make up for.a loss
on account of its big size
despite the snow
in spite of the snow
to benefit from the change
to look forward to going on vacation
in favour of the light
beware of the dog
except for this case
to get rid of dirty water
to be surprised by the cost
It goes without saying
the machine is out of order
to be on vacation
to arrive on time, by the deadline
on the premises
as of January 3rd
with regards to  the price
To be on sale
To be entitled to a bonus
You’ll get it within in a week
in the event.of an accident
none of them.
This book is out of print.
I'll check it up for you
Close to  the church
to comply with the law
to depend on the effect
to be responsible for the accident
He did it  on purpose
All people on board the plane
The train is on schedule = no delay.
CEO stands for Chief Excecutice Officer
The workers are on strike.
It is suitable for office use.
Famous/ renowned for its beauty
You can do it by yourself
It is different from the old one
whether he likes it or not
the same as the blue one
to be of use
at noon
throughout (partout dans) the city
I’ll do it alone = on my own= by myself

Among (parmi) all the applicants, he is the best
it will be held on Monday
The report  should be handed out by Friday in Tokyo
All technicans should report to their department engineer
The mall will be closed at noon
If you look at it in terms of quality
They remained under economic pressure
It all depends on the weather
You should receive it within.a week
They will reduce consumption by 10%
He is eligible for a discount
He is entitled to a discount
The firm has developed in/over the past 5 years
Prior to .entering the premises, you have to show your badge
He is responsible for the accident
These toys are suited for small children
The film was shown on TV
I live in town but I work at the university. I waited at the hospital for 2 hours since 10 AM
on monday. by the deadline.        Decreased by 56%.  Increased of 230 items by/per day.
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