- a country you visited
- your past holidays
- a special activity you intend to start this year
- a piece of news that struck you on TV or the newspapers
- the current global economic situation
- good and bad sides of INSA
- explain engineering studies in France to a foreigner
- why did you decide to have a career in engineering ?
- what specialisation would you like to take and why ?
- a film you saw
- a book you read
- a problem you encountered and how you solved it
- present the city of Rouen to foreigners
- Do you feel concerned by the preservation of the environment and by climate change ? What specific action do you take ?
- create a dialogue between friends who meet each other in the street and go to a café for a chat on any subject (this could be a change from an essay and an opportunity to use more informal language)
- Any other subject is also acceptable (with prior acceptance of your instructor)

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