This self-study course is offered to students who have already attended the normal course and have satisfied the level requirements with good or very good grades (minimum 13).

It consists in writing
- 7 weekly essays on a choice of subjects taken from the list below
- and 7 summaries of podcasts (a total of 14 essays during the semester).

The grade obtained will be identical to the one obtained the previous year if the work is done satisfactorily. Failure to comply with the requirements of self-study may result in a lower grade than the one obtained the year before.

The essays should be one page long (minimum) in font « Times New Roman » (12). The essays should be submitted to the teacher of your assigned class (either Alain Souillard or Gilles Dockety) by mail for the end of a normal class week, ie. Sunday of each week at midnight. The essays will be corrected, handed back on paper and placed in the pouch on the door of your isntructor on the Monday of the following week.

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