List of skills for chemistry, chemical engineering and risk management

Process Engineering

• Process engineering design and optimization by use of software applications such as ProSimPlus, Matlab, Minitab or MS Excel
• Chemical engineering (batch and CFSTR processes, distillation, liquid/liquid extraction, absorption, adsorption, filtration, settling)
• Fluid mechanics and industrial thermodynamics
• Transfer phenomena: heat and matter transfers
• Economic Evaluation of processes
• Waste and air management
• Statistical process management
• Statistical safety of processes(design, optimization and control for safe processes)


• Organic synthesis
• Analytical chemistry (separation methods)
• Radioactivity and nuclear chemistry
• Nuclear fuel cycle and safety
• Energy and environment (discussion on the current and future energy issues)

Risk Assessment

• Industrial risks analysis
• Crisis Management
• Risk sociology
• Risk prevention at work and ergonomics

Other courses

• Certification and Quality management (ISO 9001)
• Project management
• Management and administration
• Industrial operations management (production management)
• Combustion
• English (professional and scientific English)
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