A COMPANY MEETING at Apex to decide about the best way to reorganise computer networks

Chairperson : Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Shall we get down to business ?
Mr James, our general manager is on his way to our head quarters in Detroit. So he has asked me to chair this meeting.

I suppose you all have a copy of the agenda. So, let's go over the main items.

We will begin by discussing the installation of an integrated computerized network on our site. Then we will proceed with the second item on the agenda which concerns the new measures by the local authorities in connection with the traffic of lorries around our plant.

Mr Roberts, would you mind acting as the secretary for today's session?

(Mr Roberts : Not at all

Thank you.

Now, concerning the installation of the network, I would like to call on Mr Johnson to present the results of his study.

Mr Johnson:  Thank you. (As the technical manager here, I was asked to investigate the various possibilities for installing a computer network on our site. Therefore, I'd like to present the various options that, in my opinion, we have to consider before making our choice.

In fact, we have two main options: we can either install a completely integrated network.... or separate the needs of administration and production into two different networks. 

I'd like to stress that the integrated network would be less costly of course since both administration and production would share the same facilities. However, we should not forget that the main disadvantage of this solution remains its lack of flexibility.

On the other hand, the separate system would allow the different departments to use different software packages and distinct resources such as printers. I should however draw your attention to the fact that, inevitably, this second solution is more costly.)

Chairperson  : Thank you Mr Johnson. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Mrs Jones, could I have your opinion, please?

Mrs Jones  : To my mind, the separate network would be better adapted to our needs. Let me explain.....(est interrompu par Mr Roberts.  " May I interrupt?......")

C: Hold on a minute! We can't speak all at once. Mrs Jones, please go on.

J:  Certainly. As I said before, a separate network suits us perfectly since production and administration need to use different software packages and printers for example.

C  : I think Mr Roberts would like to intervene. Please go ahead.

Mr Roberts  I'm afraid I don't share that point of view. It is true that we use different software packages and printers. However, you must admit that we could share the same storage and processing facilities of a common mainframe computer.

C: And what about you, Mr Tanner ? Could we have your views ?
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