SELLING A TRANSPORT SERVICE. Presentation by a representative of Trans Parcel Service.

Before describing our services in detail, I'll start with a simple example of the kind of problem that often occurs in business like yours.
Suppose you have received an urgent call from one of your customers in the Middle east who needs a vital part for his business machine. What do you do ? How can you get  the part to him within 48 hours?
I am sure you all think it would be impossible. Right ?

Well I can guarantee it can be done thanks to TRANS PARCEL SERVICE .
What's more, you'll be surprised to hear that we can deliver your part not within 48 hours but within 24 hours. That seems incredible, doesn't it ?
You may be wondering how we manage to do that. Well, let me tell you. First, you call the nearest TRANS PARCEL SERVICE agent. Then, a few hours later, your parcel is picked up by van  and transported to the nearest collection point. From there it is quickly dispatched to the airport for the next flight to the city closest to your client. The whole procedure only takes 24 hours. Simple, isn't it?

It is clear that a highly efficient transport service like this requires perfect logistics and coordination. Well, at TRANS PARCEL SERVICE we offer just that and we guarantee full customer satisfaction.
Now I suppose you're going to tell me that such an extraordinary service must be extremely expensive . Well, let me reassure you on that point. Normally, the cost of the express delivery should not exceed three times that of normal air mail postage. You will agree with me that this is reasonable when you consider the efficiency and reliability of this service, especially in times of extreme urgency.
So, the next time you have an urgent delivery, why not use TRANS PARCEL SERVICE? I'm convinced this could be the perfect answer to your transport problems.

Now, if you would like any additional information, I'd be pleased to answer your questions.

Q  Yes. I wonder what would happen if TRANS PARCEL SERVICE did not manage to deliver the parcel within 24 hours.

A : As I said before, TRANS PARCEL SERVICE guarantees delivery within 24 hours. That means that if there is a delay, which is very unlikely, TRANS PARCEL SERVICE will reimburse you automatically. I hope that answers your question.

C Yes, certainly. Thank you. I'd just like to make one comment. This parcel delivery service reminds me of the express mail concept that appeared about 10 years ago. This service, by the way, has now become a regular feature of business communication. As you said, I really think your service could solve some of our transport problems. Thank you
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