A NEW PRODUCT presented by the technical manager at Apex Co.

I think everybody is here. So let's start.

The subject of my talk today concerns a series of new products that have recently come on to the market. They have nothing to do with our present line of business but they may give us interesting ideas about new directions for our future research and development.

I will take the products in turn and answer your questions after each presentation.
Well, let us start with the first product that recently attracted my attention.

The first product should be of particular interest to people who live in remote places such as the middle of Africa . Indeed, they are often faced with the problem of either finding an electrical outlet or having a ready supply of batteries to operate their equipment. Both sources of energy could indeed be difficult to get in those places.
Well, as far as radios are concerned, a solution has been found in South Africa. It is called the wind up radio.

Let me first describe this revolutionary device. As you can see on this figure, it consists of a regular radio system with a speaker, a printed circuit and an antenna. But instead of batteries, you have a key. What I mean is that it contains a winding mechanism, just like any ordinary toy. Is that clear so far ? Well, just one more thing, the size and weight of this unit are similar to those of an ordinary radio set.

Now, you may be wondering how it works. Well, let me explain! It's very simple. As you can see on the transparency, you first wind up the key that stores the energy in a coil, that is to say a sort of spring. This energy is gradually released as the spring unwinds. Do you follow me? Well. The torque energy then drives a generator - I mean a sort of dynamo - which produces electricity.

We now come to the third point of my presentation which concerns my evaluation of this device.
Obviously, the main advantage of this radio is that you can take it wherever you want, to Africa or even in the middle of a desert  for example. 
I must admit that the radio has a slight drawback - I mean, you need to rewind the radio every hour. However, this is a minor inconvenience compared with the benefits.
At this point of my presentation, I should mention the price. Well, the estimated price is extremely low, that is to say $25. 

To conclude, I would like to stress the fact that this is a good example of a product which is perfectly adapted to the needs of a very particular market.)

Well, that's all about it as far as this product is concerned. Do you have any questions or comments?

QUESTION  : I have one question. Could we have more details about how we can acquire this radio? It seems to be a bit difficult.

ANSWER: Not really. As I said before, it is manufactured in South Africa and it is currently only available through mail order. But I am sure it will soon be distributed by stores all over the world.

COMMENT: I'll just make one brief comment. To my mind, this is a brilliant use of the old alarm clock system. It clearly proves that old technology can have useful new applications. I am sure we could use the same approach when developing some of our future products.
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